Our current product line focuses on building a library of monoclonal primary and secondary antibodies used as research reagents.  Our plant-based platform has the potential to expand into producing proteins for diagnostic kits, vaccines and therapeutics. Our products have been developed by our R&D partner,  the University of Cape Town’s Biopharming Research Unit, against which Cape Bio Pharms holds exclusive licence agreements. 

In the body, antibodies help to fight pathogens. Biologists have long used them to track proteins of interest because they bind to specific targets. But there are no standards for validation or agreed upon definitions of reproducibility across all antibody offerings. For manufacturers, the market requirements will be an ever-increasing need for validated antibodies that show significantly improved specificity and reproducibility. Those antibody suppliers that have the most consistent production technologies will become researcher's favourites and can be expected to have the larger share of the market.

Our plant grow-room and laboratory facility is able to produce  purified and quality tested product ready for distribution on a weekly basis.


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