HIV-1 is a retrovirus that is the predominant cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) worldwide. The p24 antigen is part of the viral capsid and functions as an early marker of viral infection. This antibody recognises the p24 antigen and can be used as either a laboratory reagent to study HIV or applied to a lateral flow device and used in conjunction with p24 antigen to detect HIV in the blood.

This antibody comes in two variants, both of which recognise the same epitope of HIV-1 p24.

1.  Full unconjugated, humanised antibody format

2.  ScFv conjugated to HRP making this both a secondary and primary anti-body making it one of our 'ptX-1 shot' range - saving you time and additional stress

full-length un-conjugated anti-p24

scFv against p24 conjugated to HRP

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