Cape Bio Pharms is an exciting new (ad)venture aimed at producing pharmaceutical and industrial proteins in tobacco (in fact its a weedy cousin of the tobacco plant). 
The production of plant-based biologics has a scientifically proven track record globally.  Plant-made biologics now include therapeutic proteins, antibodies and vaccines, industrial enzymes and protein polymers
Plants are exceptionally good at producing proteins.  Through the development of bio technology developed by our R&D partners we are able to trick plants into producing a 'foreign' protein. Our aim is to develop a world-class commercial scale platform in South Africa for the production of patented plant-produced proteins for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.   Conventional expression systems such as that based on cell cultures, yeast, bacteria or eggs are based on technology that is well over 70 years old. Our plant-based system is  a transient  expression platform that enables plants to produce proteins in weeks as opposed to months and at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, making it an ideal platform to build local manufacturing capacity and eventually ensure security of supply  for South Africa.   Plant-made therapeutic proteins are safer as there is no chance of the potential transfer of pathogens into humans.   Plants are also capable of producing complex, high molecular weight proteins.  This technology has the potential to produce a whole range of high value, IP protected, pharmaceutically relevant proteins in the future.  A first for South Africa and a first for the African continent. 


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